The Importance of a GIA Certificate

Buying a certified diamond is very important. There are many different diamond grading laboratories, and we cannot emphasize enough that they are NOT all the same.The most recognized and respected laboratory is the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.). Their standards are very high and they are a non profit organization. Second to the G.I.A. are the American Gem Society Laboratories (A.G.S.L.), also with high grading standards.

A certificate from either of these laboratories will tell you most of what you need to know about the diamond. It will not only inform you of the color and clarity of the diamond, but will also include a plot showing you where the inclusions are, as well as detailed information about the cut and proportions of the diamond.

It is important that you buy a diamond with good proportions, as that is what guarantees maximum beauty and brilliance. We also recommend that you take any certified diamond you buy to an independent appraiser to verify that the diamond you buy matches the certificate. Many of the diamonds we sell now have their certificate numbers laser inscribed. This enables you to have peace of mind knowing that the diamond you are buying matches the certificate, and that when you ever take your diamond to be cleaned or repaired, it cannot be switched.